Gold Profile

Sales Professional Services will take your data list and mine the raw data to convert each record on the list into maximized value information. Your list will have each potential customer QUALIFIED and PRIORITIZED by our team of highly trained Sales Professionals, creating a GOLD PROFILE for each record. Each GOLD PROFILE is a tiered record of information with specific data discovered. You pay only for the data we skillfully discover increasing in value to you from research data (groundwork and contact info), to selling data (competition and market info), to lead data (needs, opportunities and projects). These GOLD PROFILES can be forwarded to your territories or sales reps for appropriate, prioritized sales growth ACTION. Before agreements are enacted you may work with SPS to customize the GOLD PROFILE fields to your specific needs!

Add-on and Follow-up Sales

Now you can penetrate your existing accounts to grow sales on specific high-margin items, allied products, parts or support services. You can also sell off excess inventory!

New Product Roll-out Sales

You can offer new products directly to your list of potential customers by outsourcing the call list to our Sales Professionals. This yields a much higher success rate over mass mailers or fliers!

How YOU Benefit by Outsourcing to Sales Professional Services:

  • Your customers are contacted by highly trained Sales Professionals who possess proven skill in the sales process, customer interactions, relationships, value and benefit selling. NO auto dialing, canned scripts or broad-brush telemarketing. We become an extension of your company in every quality interaction with your valuable customers!
  • You grow sales without adding, training and carrying staff! Keep in front of your customers and accelerate prospecting - even if you were forced to downsize. We help you build market share and infiltrate competitors' accounts NOW and FAST - while others are cutting back!
  • Your risk is minimal if you pay only for the qualified leads and information we extract for you! Success rates and results are maximized by our customized and professional sales calls. Your hit rate and customer experience is optimal. Your lead lists are fully tapped.
  • Your front-line sales staff will love working with us. Our outsourced services enable them to focus on their strategic and core selling activities while expanding and penetrating their customer base. They delegate the tedious and specialized selling activities that could distract them!