About Us

About Us

Brandon Buttrey

Brandon is the President and Owner of Sales Professional Services. He began the company while in college at Evangel University. While there, he saw a need for companies to outsource their tedious and specialized selling activities to highly trained Sales Professionals. After working with a few clients independently, Brandon decided to build a company that would be able to effectively address this need.

What sets our services apart is our training! Our Sales Professionals are skilled in the fundamental selling skills as taught by Sales Professional Training. We pre-call plan, ask good questions, and communicate effectively. That is what sets us apart!

Donald Buttrey

Donald Buttrey is the President and Owner of Sales Professional Training. Both him and his son, Brandon, saw a need for companies to have a sales extension of highly trained Sales Professionals to qualify their leads.

Don has been training Sales Professionals for over a decade. His training specializes in taking good sales people and making them professionals. His 4 Pillars of the Sales Professional TM course focuses on the fundamentals of selling: Personal Disciplines, Relationship Skills, Strategic Planning, and Tactical Planning.

Understanding the need that Sales Professional Services addresses for companies across the country, Don has partnered with them to help train each sales person. Every employee of SPS has gone through the 4 Pillars of the Sales Professional TM and is coached on a weekly basis by Don himself.

The Sales Professionals at Sales Professional Services are highly skilled and have proven skill in the sales process, cuctomer interactions, relationship, value and benefit selling. They know how to truly qualify and ignite leads!

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